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Can you love 2 persons at the same time?

Rage of Strife

It was just a cozy afternoon, nothing special and I was just at our house. Suddenly, there were planes that came rushing, throwing copious amount of bombs in the air. The bombs are small but the impact is indescribable. Fright and fear fills the air we breathe. Little did I know that war is already happening. I tried to search for my father and sister but I failed. There's nowhere to find them. I must save myself, I don't want to die, not yet. I saw the bombs slowly falling into the ground and break anything it lands. While I was trying to find a safe haven, as if it exists, I saw my mother saving little kids and innocent people outside. I called her, it's too dangerous and she's the only family that left to me. I can't dare to lose her but she came no reply. There were wounds all over her but she keeps on shooting the attackers using her gun. She never used a gun before, I never seen her using one. I was astounded and then she left me. I don't know where she is heading but I'm too afraid to go outside. I'm such a coward then, why I

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